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Uh, long time no see?

Posted on 2016-10-07

HI FRIENDS. Uh, been a while since I've updated, huh?

This is a long post, so I wouldn't be surprised if you decided to skip this reading. So here's the summary: grad school is fun but tiring and time-consuming, my free time is for sleeping, ComicDish and thus A&C will be shutting down in February, and you really oughta follow my Twitter for quicker updates.

Now for my rambling!

If youíve been following me on Twitter (which is quickest for me to post updates haha) you may noticed that I essentially have no free time anymore since grad school started XD In fact, any free time I have is usually reserved for MORE readings and/or catching up on sleep. Todayís an odd day where I have the entire day free -- so as you can tell, Iím updating you all on everything Ara & Celi now!

First things first: yes, the ďa page every two weeks planĒ FAILED. That much was obvious. Iíve only done exactly one page, inked. Just inked. (Not counting the five pages I did in a week with barely any sleep for a Sparkler pitch. Yes, I did that too, whoops 8D ) Needless to say, Iím just going to keep chugging along on school, and if I can, just do whole pages in any free FREE time. Who knows? Maybe Iíll have three to four pages done by Christmas...

Now for the other stuff:

Iíve started posting Chapter 3 on Tapastic and GMI Manga! What Iíll be doing is posting one or two pages each Friday (via scheduled posting) on either site, up until the last updated page. This is a three-page update, since the sequence works as a whole. ^^;

Here is the GMI link!

Here is the Tapastic link!

Sad news: ComicDish is closing down for good. Originally it was going to be in November but Sam changed the date to February for better moves. Itís a much better date to have for sure, but that still means that I have to look for a new home now. At this rate, it seems I may actually have to fork over money to create a new personal site -- since my preferred option SmackJeeves kept giving people virus ads if theyíre not logged on and also it seems...blagh. If anyone has any suggestions of any sites or webhosts, Iíll take them. So far a friend suggested Dreamhost, which Iíll look at in the meantime.

Itís still an awful feeling though. It means a lot of changes in print media I have plus seeing a site that shouldíve gotten traction but never seemed to close down. For me, ComicDish was the best and none will come close to it. Sam was the best host manager ever. Will never complain.

Thatís about it from me for now. Iíll be in Midwest Comicon this November, so Iím hurrying to see if I can send some of Chapter 3 to print! Fun times!

Thanks so much for reading, yíall have a good weekend.
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