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Miyara Hoshihana

Age: 13
DOB: March 25
H/W: 5’0” [153cm] // 100 lbs. [47kg]

A junior high school student, Miyara would much rather goof off than save the world. Neither demure nor pining for romance, she’s rather independent and rough around the edges, something of a big mouth. When Ara tells her that she's next in line to become her successor, Miyara doesn't take it lightly. She has no interest in saving the world, much less for an entity she doesn't really care about. However there’s something in Miyara (and she’d really like to know what) that compels her to accept the position and become the new Angel, Eternal Ara!

Hostar Mirodiri

Age: 13
DOB: June 25th
H/W: 4’11” [151cm] // 83 lbs. [40kg]

In the same class as Miyara, Hostar is her best friend. Though Hostar is responsible and the stereotypical “smart girl”, she’s quick-witted and even sarcastic at times -- though to be fair, this facet can mostly be seen best when Miyara is involved. Especially when Miyara's trying everyone's patience.


Age: ∞?
H/W: 5’7” [170cm] // 136lbs. [62kg]

The one responsible for throwing the Key of Angels to poor Miyara's back. (She was hoping she'd catch it properly, in her defense.) She's not too keen on picking Miyara in the first place for the job, and Ara looks to keep mum about it...for now.


Age: ∞?
H/W: 5’6” [168cm] // 139lbs [63kg]

In Miyara's words: "TWINS?! It was twins all along?!"

That aside, Celi's hellbent on making sure Miyara doesn't live to see tomorrow--and making sure Ara fails in her mission at the same time. However, she does curiously looks like Ara on a base level...